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The most sustainable, and stylish way to rent a bicycle for city usage. No fear of theft, no worries about maintenance. 

Velovo provides the optimum solution for long-term rental bicycles. 

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Product Design & Art Direction - Mehmet Ergul

Venture Architects - Jan Titze, Laura Grabowski

UX & Research - Ingo Feisthamel, Florian Rothfuss


1velovo problem definition.png
Keeping it Sustainable

The bicycle market is flooded with low-quality frames (short lifecycles) and wasting limited resources.

Long-Term Ownership

Consumers prefer rental access over ownership for city bikes, and are demanding flexible models including all-inclusive services.

Repairing Hustle

Demand for mobility fuses with style, and customers don’t want to worry about maintenance or insurances.



Designing the Brand Identity, Art Direction, and digital interfaces of the product, according to the problem definition while keeping the persona and competitors in mind. 

Based on the analyses, we realized that the current market competitors in Germany, don't assure the real feeling and soul of a bicycle, and offer limited coverage on fraud protection. Also, maintenance steps are quite unknown, what happens to bicycles or parts. In this step we wanted to put an environmental emphasis on our approach, being more transparent about the steps we take.   


Bold. Young-Minded. Retrofits.

These 3 keywords shaped up the brainstorming sessions and guided the persona/customer selection of the product for the future steps.



Group 1 - Environmentally conscious young-middle age adults.

Group 2 - Expats living in Munich, who are looking for a stylish solution.

After long Miro board brainstormings, the persona's has been targeted into these 2 sections.




Visualizing trust and modernism

  • The design process started with creating wireframes on paper (old-schooler) and transferring them after to Figma mockups. With the team, we were able to quickly execute the ideas into a prototype.

  • Created an art direction and a style guide for the UI  (and also the bicycles) with a combination of Brand Identity, Colors, Fonts, Structure, Components, and Product Photos

  • The next step was creating the website templates which are shown below, and afterward preparing the landing page, starting the A/B test with a combination of Dark-Light versions for different target groups. 

Bike Details.png

Discovering the Bicycle

Discover the bicycle you select from the gallery with its all history and details. Color options​, Frame size, and the gallery is helping you to identify your next vintage city rider. A rental product still needs to reflect your personality. It is an expression of your character, and bicycles are perfectly fitting products for it.

Shop Experience

Shop items are additional add-ons which you can personally own, and add to your bicycle frame. Therefore the products are getting sold both from the delivery shop and online.


The e-commerce style of the website is creating a familiarly known interface for the user to finish its process. Clear images, minimal textboxes are combined with simple click interfaces to elevate the style.

Item popup.png
Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 23.05.54.png

Graphical Elements

To represent the vintage look, color combinations have been inspired by the '70s and '80s bike decals. Having strong contrast colors helped us also try the A/B test in different themes. 




Rescuing (Finding) the Bicycles

While Jan and Laura were taking care of finding all the old bikes, trying to contact the sellers, finding restaurateurs, and bike mechanists, another task was to give an identity and appeal to the old frames. At that point, stickers and colors were coming into the game. Applying decals and eye-candy colors to the vintage wheelies increased the brand identity aspects. 

From Old

To New


We created an MVP, what now?

After the first iterations and doing landing page tests, we get into the position of renting the vintage beauties to their first owners. This whole process took around three months, from start to launch. 

Currently, A/B tests, marketing, and sales are running simultaneously. Now it is time to get insight, learning, and iterate over our product. For that, we set campaigns with UX CAM, Google Analytics, and Confluence to analyze how our users interact with the product.

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