Hi there, It's Mehmet

 I'm an interdisciplinary, smart-working and international award-winning designer; gaining experience in a wide range of industrial production techniques and products.

From aerospace products to agricultural equipment, I welcome every opportunity to create a better solution for the industries using my agility, digital skills, and analytical thinking.


Work Experience

September 2019 - Current

Lead Industrial Designer /
User Interface and Experience Designer

Mantro GmBH , Munich (Germany)

Responsible from the Design, Manufacturing and User Experiences of the Industrial-Mass Produced products. Ventures include a mass variety of B2B/G/C aims and possibilities.

October 2017 - January 2019

Product Designer / Design Consultant

MrSmith Studio / JPWorks S.r.L, Milano (Italy)

Industrial and Mechanical Designer at Chloe Advanced Aerophonics System and Product Designer for MrSmith Studio since October 2017. Full-time work partnership continues since March 2018.

June 2017 - August 2018

Co-Founder / Designer

Grau Design Office, Izmir (Turkey)

Founded the studio with two other colleagues, Grau Design aimed to create ideas which leads to innovative design projects and permanent solutions while analyzing the customer's needs and demands. Since the first day, Grau achieved both global and local success. The design studio created projects for a wide range of industries and companies such as aerospace products and agricultural/farming equipment.

April 2015 - May 2016

Industrial Design Partner

Teka Kitchen Appliances / Simeco GmbH, Izmir (Turkey)

Teka Kitchen Appliances was a contracted partner of the Aerolite Cooktop project. During the time of the project;
-Industrial Design

-Research & Development
-CE Standards and Concept Production phases have been achieved with a team of engineers, technicians, and mechanics while being the industrial designer of the team.

April 2016 - June 2016

Engineering Assistant / Business Negotiator

Pangeo Corporation Canada, Izmir (Turkey)

Contracted engineering assistant and negotiation between the Pangeo Corporation Canada and Izmir Synchromesh for a possible factory merchandise.

April 2016 - June 2016

Product / Furniture Designer (Internship)

Arketipo Design, Istanbul (Turkey)

The pieces of furniture and lighting instruments designed during the internship produced by ENNE furniture in Ankara and selected works exhibited in world-famous real-estate expo Dubai Cityscape Global 2015.

Education & Training

Sept 2011 - Jun 2016

Industrial Design, Bachelor of Arts 

Izmir University of Economics, Izmir (Turkey)

High Honor Student 2012-2016. GPA: 3.51

Oct 2010

Sport & Fitness Administration - Not Finished

Anadolu University, Eskisehir (Turkey)


H.S. Grad /  Mathematics & Science Division

Yunus Emre German High School, Izmir (Turkey)

Lichtenberg Schule Oberstenfeld

Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart (Germany)


Understanding: C1 / Speaking: C1 / Writing: B2


Understanding: C1 / Speaking: C1 / Writing: C1


Understanding: B1 / Speaking: A2 / Writing: B2


Understanding: A2 / Speaking: A2 / Writing: A2


Monther Tongue


Professional Work Experience, 5 years

Creo Parametric / ProE

Professional Works Experience, 2 Years

Fusion 360 / Inventor

Professional Work Experience, 3 Years


Proficient, 5 Years Experience

3DsMax / Alias

Intermediate, 1 Year Experience



Keyshot Render

Professional Work Experience, 5 Years

Octane Render


Vray Render / Thea Render


Blender 3D


Adobe Photoshop

Professional Work Experience

Adobe Illustrator

Professional Work Experience

Adobe Premiere / Muse / Indesign 

Professional Work Experience

Microsoft Office



A'Design Award Gold Winner 2017

Orpheus Exoskeletal Exercise Device, Como/Italy

Cybernetics and Prosthesis, 

NASA Johnson Space Center - SVMF

May 2017 / Houston, TX, USA

Technical Trip and Knowhow sharing between the representatives of the Space Vehicle Mockup Facilities and Engineers.

NASA Contest Tech-Briefs 2016

Finalist, Orpheus Exoskeletal Exercise Device / USA

MERUTEMU Yacht/Service Design

The workshop, Japan / Turkey, 2015

Karim Rashid & Yılmaz Zenger / Sustainable Furniture Design

The workshop, Inegol / Turkey, 2015

Design Turkey Awards / Expo 2017
Turkey Innovation Expo 2016

Publications & Patents

Patent Filed, September 2017

Vertical Agricultural Pot and Irrigation System

Patent Pending 

The design is a modular pot and drip irrigation system which includes all the equipment used for vertical agriculture and vertical horticultural applications in the agricultural industry to ensure high yield harvesting in restricted agricultural areas; at least two pots forming a vertical potting system when placed on top of each potted plant section in such a way that the potting cavities correspond; the conveyor pipe forming the longitudinal neck of the system; at least one drip irrigation head for distributing the irrigation water to the pot from at least two different points; pores that allow irrigation water coming from the drip irrigation head to be conveyed to a lower pot; a mouthpiece for accumulating the wastewater from the pores at the bottom of the bottom pot; a rotation tool that allows the vertical pot array to rotate 360 degrees around the vertical middle axis with the mouthpiece; the floor fixing element which allows the system to be positioned perpendicular to the flat or uneven floors.

Patent Filed, May 2017

Exoskeletal Exercise Device

Patent Pending 

The operation is made by the software which stores all the results of the astronauts. According to the exercise program and the user, the device adapts its properties (i.e.: resistance, height, fit to the body). The user performs the exercise, while the device is giving proper resistive force to the muscles. The concept product is basically an exoskeleton which we wear to our body. In this way, we achieve an excellent user-product consistency. A major advantage of the Orpheus is its volume. When we compare the products volume with Ared, the decrease is approximately %75. The joints of the product possess electronic motors and a gearbox attached to the motor. Aluminum structure and carbon-fiber parts have been combined for the body parts. Dimensions of the product are 1350 mm x 370 mm x 670 mm. The brushless motors located at the joints are combined with gearbox systems which can create a 90 lbs. force per joint during the exercise. The given dimensions are extremely less, compared to the current device at the International Space Station. Material Selection has been made according to plastic deformation and shear stress results. The research period of the project started in December with relative articles about the ARED, then continued with analyzing other Exoskeleton devices in the market. Some data's collected from several other people working in cybernetics & prosthesis industry and also from the fitness industry. The results combined in Cad models and simulations.

Ergul, M. E. (2016, August 12). Analysing Ergonomics Criteria and the Design Language of the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device on the International Space Station.

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