HunterApp is the leading wildlife tracker and social platform for hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts all around the world. After the smartphone-app success, we analysed the needs of our target group and decided to develop also a web app for a better user experience. 

UI & UX Design for the WebApp: Mehmet Ergul, Markus Ortmann

Venture Architects: Daniel Feile, Stefan Gregor

Development & Backend: Ivan Pusic, Pascal Ludwig



As a designer who deeply believes, acts, lives, and thinks that every animal on this Planet has the equal right of living, accepting this project was very tough for me in the beginning. 

But after seeing the numbers, project results, and thank-you letters from the Wildlife Institutions, I recognized that the HunterApp was a tool to save and protect the wildlife in our forests as much as possible while tracking and controlling it.

HunterApp isn't a tool for joy, but a professional assistant for real wildlife enthusiasts. Its target group is not hobby hunters, but environmentaly-aware professionals and wildlife protectors.

Hunter is a part of the International Council of Wildlife Conservation



Designing the WebApp while keeping the fundamentals and navigation familiar with the phone app, yet increasing the functions and creating an ecosystem 

Based on our analyses and feedback from our app users, the age group for the App was a senior community. In that regard, the phone app was a good option for "to go" but users were still willing to have a desktop version of their beloved tracker and assistant. Keeping this in mind, we needed to study some new functions, tested them with target groups, and updated+added new functions to the app. 


Persona Analysis


Optimizing the Interface Design according to researches and studies.


Navigation Layout

A split page layout allows the wireframe easily exchangeable between a desktop browser and a tablet view. The right-sliding edit page is only active when it is needed, allowing the primary screen to be more functional yet simple. 

Diary List View sections1.png
Diary List View sections1.png


Optimised Flow

Heatmap analyses showed us where our target group was aiming at through scanning a page. For this data, we used VWO's services with over 1000 test subjects. 

Interestingly, the senior age user group mostly followed the traditional Left > Right / Top > Down scanning method, and this allowed us to refine the flow in ease.


UI Simplicity

Keeping the Interface simple gives our specific user group an easy-to-use / easy-to-learn app. Relatively big buttons/click interfaces are easy to control, and accent colors are making the key components pop up.


UX Features



The Wizard helps you to have an easy transition from your Smartphone interface to the Desktop App.



A cloud-based journal of your memories, made accessible from any browser/location.



All your interests and profession-related followings gathered into a single unit. Follow articles, comment, share and interact with your community. 



The mobile version of the experience, tapered down for Web. Share instant moments, plans, charts, and all other infos with your team members and crew.

All rights of the project, visual material, and researches belongs to

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