Agricultural lands only in Turkey has decreased from 28 million hectares to 22 million hectares in the last 15 years and the efficient use of fertile soils has gained importance in the same period. This was one of the main reasons for the Katova project. For vertical gardening, it is not important whether the soil is fertile or the land is mountainous or not. In addition, thanks to vertical agricultural units, greenhouse cultivation is becoming widespread with a more controlled and more efficient. A new agricultural opportunity is formed. Thanks to the revolutionary design, the shares of the product itself and the fruits/vegetables that will be grown during the production increase by two times.

How it works?

Plant Growth

Water Flow

Prototyping Process

EPS Mold Representations

Katova products are designed to be used in a wide area and to appeal to different users. In this way, the front of the product could be open to the gastronomy sector, restaurants, or it can be used by the individuals. Without the need for land and the use of organic foods, it will be an opportunity to increase the awareness of societies about the importance of agriculture again.

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