Moriondo Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine front panel industrial design has been done for the Brooklyn, NY based beverage company LuXBeverage in 2019. 

From the first day on, with an incredible pace and coherent mindset with the founders of the company, we designed-improved-realized the product, fully production-ready in less than 3 months. 

Down scrolls will guide you through the process and how the end product becomes a successful design for the company.

How it Started.


Creating empathy and a bond with your customer's needs.

Styling and overall design studies started with fully opposite concepts. An organic, simple, and rugged geometry-based styles, to understand what the client really wants, and to understand how it looks in their head. 

After understanding what the clients aim with the product was, we wanted to stick to its core: Representing Italian Craftmanship, Quality Coffee, and Fluent Geometries. 

This approach brings up a nice backstory for marketing, yet helped to do the industrial design. 

Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3

CAD. Optimization and Assembly. 

Form Evolution.


A subconscious brand feeling, every time while adjusting the nozzle height...

Buttons and Nozzle. Our tactile feedback points on a coffee machine, have been carefully thought and executed. The Moriondo logo embossed and placed just in front of the height adjustment handle, which will give the tactile feedback to the thumb while holding the nozzle. 

Inspired by the Roman Columns, vertical cavities have been debossed to the nozzle surface. The frontal arc and the nozzle details bring up a visual oldtimer Italian classic alive.

Year: 2019

Client: LuxBeverage 

Designed by Mehmet Ergul in Milano/Italy

Produced by Ningbo Hawk Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

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