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Office Space Design, Build, Digitally Transform and Operate.

Offezio is a full-service provider for economically sustainable & architecturally flexible office spaces and a unique interior design optimization service for tenants & building owners.

Here you will see the product design development of the system which we developed, the Offezio-Operate UI&UX design, and the Corona-Ready Office space development of the MVP.

Product Design & Art Direction - Mehmet Ergul

Venture Architects & Management - Oliver Thum, Markus Ortmann

Architecture - Viktoria Matsurova, Ferhat Can 




Disconnected offerings for an office transformation project, leads to high operational costs and time loss.

In the traditional transformation/construction field, It follows the following path: Design - Build - Operate. But since every contractor and project responsible are different in between these steps, it is creating a flow friction and therefore causes a loose of time and capital.

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 11.28.47.png

3 cups


1½ cups


Steps of Friction


Offezio is a system design, which allows the Asset Managers to sustain their buildings with high-profit margins, and Tenants to share/transform their offices with minimum time&capital.

Based on the year-long researches, we realized that the current market for office space rentings is still traditional and offers mainly non-digital solutions for tracking and managing the assets. This creates friction between the general values, rent-calculatons, and transformation phases on architecture. 

To overcome this, Offezio offers a digitalization with optimised designs, sqm calculations, smart-operations, and property management under 3 main categories/steps.





AI implemented Office Design and Floor Plan creation in 48 hours + Cost Calculations + Interior Renderings + Tecnical Construction Planning.





Technical Construction Management + Interior Architecture Construction + Furnishing, Decoration, Technical Standardisation





Operating the Smart-Office + Sanitary and Concierge + Shared Space operations + Digtalized rent management system.


The first solution with a clear focus, for the entire lifetime of an Office Space.

Offezio offers the Office spaces be what it is supposed to be. A flexible space, fitting the needs of today and tomorrow.

Screenshot 2020-09-22 at 11.43.21.png

App Design



ConnectApp is a part of the Operate System, helps employees/employers to manage the office space on a digital tool.

The App manages daily-life routine tasks and events in an office space. It is designed to work for both a closed-system office or for a shared co-working space. While it helps the employees to schedule their office life, for employers it helps to track the people/times/access points in real time. 

shutterstock_1176037612 [Converted].png
1Asset 1@1200x copy.png

Access Card lets you allow to enter the offices and rooms that you have access to via NFC.


Transactions / Calendar views allow you to track your daily expenses + meetings inside the office, directly accessible from the Main screen. 


1Asset 4rrrr.png

For office spaces with a franchising service, the app lets you allow to see the menus, allow you to book them, and schedule for other people as well. 

This allows a clear tracking of the consumed food and allows the facility manager to plan accordingly.

Menu Access

Blurred Motion
1Asset 2ww.png
Räume – 2.png
Apple iPhone X Space Grey.png

Booking a meeting room over Outlook / Calendar and other solutions are hard to deal with. ConnectApp offers you the ease of booking a meeting room according to your needs, and lets you allow to share it easily with colleagues.

Meetings / Calendar


ConnectApp is also a tool to track/provide info about the Covid-19 situation inside the office environment.

The newest update about the App was to implement a Covid-19 system built in, which can get health info over the Apple Watch, tracking absence data, providing the necessary infos to the employees. 

Corona Ready


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Without protective measures, one sick person in the company can lead to a shutdown of the entire workplace.

Based on many intensive discussions with experts, we were challenged to transform/develop the Offezio modular system into a tool, which allows us to implement the Corona-Ready system in a glimpse.

Distance between persons
maintaining a distance of 1.5 m at the workplace, in corridors and on interaction areas.


Health- Check
Daily check about the personal state of health in order to decide whether a visit to work is appropriate.


Reduced occupancy
100% seamless collaboration through the ConnectApp
with 50% on-site staff presence


Separation of workspaces and spaces to avoid group-wide transfers.


Ensuring the disinfection of rooms, tables & elements used by several people



Office Layout

Modular system of the Office layouts allowed us to transform the spaces according to the new regulations quickly. Waiting and walking zones are indicated to the floor.


Continous UV Disinfection

While studying the effect of the UV light on Sars-Cov-2 virus, I recognized that the UV light can continuously sterilize the air in closed spaces. 

The solution that I came up with was a UV-Light attachment in front of the Tangential Blowers, which will be fully-active during a meeting. This allows the low speed air to be purified while entering the room, thus creates a filtration.

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Intelligent Door System

Combining the KeyCard with a disinfection-pod and a smart key, the meeting-rooms are controlled for sanitation.

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