Cube is a system/product design and also a sharing platform for people who want to dispose of their used computer hardware. The kiosk unit of the Cube is capable of several things; you can eighter choose to sell your hardware or donate them for the Developing Countries of the world. Thanks to both of those options, collecting and recycling the used hardware will become a much easier and cheaper option.

Problem Definition / Scenario

Crypto's are popular

Easy-money grabs attention

People invest in mining systems

Mining is easy at first

Difficulty increases, prices drop, moods go down

Questioning your investment decisions? Yes...

Selling the instruments you invested for

Everyone is selling, values are zero

And there is our electronic garbage!

Idea Process

Application Design

Cube App

Only the element which you need to see is visible. Cube App does not have complex features and designs. The color combinations, fonts, and graphics are designed for a fluid, fast interaction.

Product Design
Cube Kiosk

Rather than placing a huge touchscreen and ‘flashy’ interface designs, Cube Kiosk works with manual controls. The user experience is inspired by the Arcade Machines of the 90’s. Because controlling a product with real gestures and physical buttons creates a deeper and stronger product/user relationship. One slot controls all; according to your selection of hardware, the slot will open to its type.

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