What could an astronaut and ballet dancer possibly have in common?

Answer: their movement.


In space, astronauts move almost as if they’re dancing between one place and another as they float around in zero gravity. Inspired by aerial and ballet dancers, this wearable, full-body device called Orpheus offers astronauts in the International Space Station an entirely new way of exercising.


The current Advanced Resistive Exercise Device is large, static and lacks versatility in terms of the range of exercise and muscles worked. Orpheus not only offers a major reduction in mass and volume (thanks to its aluminum and carbon fiber composition), it also gives astronauts the ability to move freely while placing resistance on the muscles. It’s not only adjustable to suit each user’s unique body shape and size, but programmable to provide fitness routines and muscle training techniques that can be user-adapted. Users can even comfortably move about the station as they work and train their bodies simultaneously.

Visual Prototype created for the graduation exhibition.

Aluminum structure combined with CNC cut body instruments.

NASA Johnson Space Center, 2017

Workshop & Technical Trip 

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